Lease your New Vehicle at Infinite Auto Leasing 718.769.2886*Tickets to All Events at Eventcartel.com The federal government ran a deficit of $214.1 billion in August, bringing the shortfall for the fiscal year past $1 trillion. That’s the worst financial picture since 2012. The federal debt sits at $22.5 billion — up 13% since President Trump took office and Republicans have suddenly become totally disinterested in reigning in spending. ### With two and a half weeks in regular season play for Major League Baseball, the organization has logged 6,106 homeruns, breaking a 2017 record. The Orioles’ Jonathan Villar hit the record-breaker. ### SpaceX has filed paperwork to test its Starship spacecraft. The ship would ascend to just about 14 miles above the surface, then return to its launchpad. Starship’s ultimate goal is to be used as an interplanetary transport vehicle. ### Cuba’s facing widespread blackouts due to a lack of diesel fuel, AP reports. The government blames US sanctions, and says the shortage will affect public transportation and energy production. The communists made the announcement after people started noticing longer lines and wait times than usual for public busing after the government mandated a cutback in services. Funny how even communists can’t escape the principles of supply and demand. ### The US ultimately shipped more barrels of oil than Saudi Arabia in June. With almost nine million of barrels of crude and oil products shipped daily that month, it made the US the biggest exporter in the world. Meanwhile, the Saudis were constrained by OPEC regulations and Russia was dealing with an interruption in their network. ### The Sun reports that a new drug would help chemotherapy patients battling cancer keep their hair while under treatment. It uses an inhibitor to block the specific toxins in chemotherapy that go after hair follicles. It’s currently under development and testing in Manchester, UK. ### Meteorologists are monitoring a cluster of storms gathering near the Bahamas. It earned a Tropical Cyclone designation late Thursday afternoon. ### Old Navy will open 800 new stores, the retailer announced Thursday. It’s a surprising move for a brick-and-mortar store, which is in the process of being spun into its own company by parent company GAP. The transition to its own company is slated to be finalized next year. ### Astronomers are baffled by a black hole 250 million light years away, which appears to grow significantly brighter every nine hours, Live Science reports. There’s no question that black holes emit additional light when they’re pulling in matter, but the regularity and consistency of the flareups are leaving astronomers curious. One theory is that it’s interacting with another black hole, and the regularity has something to do with its rate of rotation. ### Beijing is expected to drop off the list of the world’s 200 most polluted cities. They clocked their lowest smog levels in August in a report published yesterday. Levels of one toxic chemical known to damage lungs have been reduced by 20% year over year. ### BREAKUPS ANSON WILLIAMS has filed for divorce from his wife JACKIE WILLIAMS. The actor, famous for playing Potsie Weber on “Happy Days,” filed legal docs on Wednesday after 30 years of marriage. The couple are parents to five kids. It is unclear what led to the split. ### BABY NEWS DJ KHALED is going to be a dad again! He announced on Thursday that his wife is pregnant with baby #2, calling the pregnancy “a blessing.” Khaled and his wife are already parents to son, ASAHD. ### THE SWAMP Senator TED CRUZ isn’t going anywhere. He told a panel in DC yesterday that running for President in ’16 was “the most fun” he’s had in his life and that he hopes to run again. ### ANDREW YANG hired a team of actors and brought in supporters for a mock debate session held in a real theater as he prepared for last night’s theatrics. Everyone signed NDAs, and guests were told to cheer loudly for every candidate but him. ### The Trump administration hopes to have up to 500 miles of border wall complete by the end of 2020. That would cover nearly one-fourth of our border with Mexico. Construction has begun across a 5-mile stretch near Yuma, Arizona this week. ### Scenes from the third Democrat debate: JULIAN CASTRO wants a tax system that rewards “people who work for a living” — implying what, exactly? Are tax systems supposed to be reward systems?` ANDREW YANG promised $1000 a month to 10 Americans across the country through his campaign, selected from people who sign up at his website, ostensibly to demonstrate that his “freedom dividend” will work across the country. He says it’s to prove that individuals can prove that they can spend money better than the government. Which, you’re correct, makes no sense. BERNIE SANDERS sounded a bit weary from the campaign trail. His voice was uncharacteristically hoarse. JOE BIDEN 30330 says “I’m for Barack” — that Obamacare worked, and said that while his $740 billion healthcare plan is expensive, it’s a lot less than the trillions universal socialized medicine would cost. CORY BOOKER called for a White House office to handle white supremacy and hate crimes. AMY KLOBUCHAR swatted away accusations that she was disinterested in racial justice while a prosecutor in Minnesota, blaming grand juries for making indictment decisions. PETE BUTTIGIEG was there. KAMALA HARRIS defended the constitutionality of her proposed Executive Order to ban “assault weapons” by talking about how sad she is about gun safety measures being implemented at schools. So, no, she didn’t address the constitutionality of it. ELIZABETH WARREN says there’s a gun violence problem across the country, not just a mass shooting problem, and that problem won’t be changed until Congress fundamentally changes laws. Beto O’Rourke says a “weapon designed to kill people on a battlefield” will be confiscated by the government during his administration. “Hell yes we’re going to take your AR-15, your AK-47,” he said to uproarious applause. ### LOTTERY No winner for Wednesday night’s Powerball drawing. Saturday night’s drawing will be for a $60 million jackpot or a $42.7 million cash payout. ### No winner for Tuesday night’s Mega Millions drawing. Tonight’s drawing will be for a $172 million jackpot or a $120.3 million cash payout. ### TUBE TALK Here’s what’s new on TV tonight: Reef Break / ABC / 8:00 pm 20/20 / ABC / 9:00 pm Dateline / NBC / 9:00 pm ### SHOWBIZ NEWS “Love & Hip Hop: New York” has been renewed for another season and some of the original cast members are returning. There is also an assortment of new couples and exes that form the all-star roster. ### ROBIN THICKE’s fiancé is at fault for the 2-car crash in Malibu over the weekend. Law enforcement told TMZ that cops have determined APRIL LOVE GEARY made an unsafe left turn onto the PCH, causing her to smash into another vehicle. April won’t be cited for any traffic violations though. ### SHAWN MENDES and Camilla Cabello are defending the way they kiss. Some have compared the kissing couple to fish sucking, so Shawn posted an extremely closeup video of the two smooching. While the exaggerated kissing video was meant to be a joke, the singers have been seen locking lips and packing on the PDA during every public opportunity since June. ### KEVIN HART’s wife is incredibly optimistic about his recovery. The comedian, who was released from the hospital on Wednesday, checked into a live-in rehab facility where he will stay for at least a week and then it will be months of outpatient rehab. ### MIKE SORRENTINO aka The Situation is a free man. After serving an eight-month sentence for tax evasion, the “Jersey Shore” star is ready to resume his life as a newlywed. He told his followers on Instagram, “The comeback is always greater than the setback.” ### TEKASHI69 will not have his family’s support when he testifies next week. According to a source close to the rapper’s family, they feel it is too risky for them to show their faces. The reason is a simple one…Tekashi will be snitching and his family fears retaliation. Tekashi made a plea deal with prosecutors that in exchange for a much lesser sentence, he would rat out gang members’ various crimes and disclose their aliases. ### PHAEDRA PARKS is heading back to reality TV. The former Housewife will take her relationship with actor MEDINA ISLAM to “Marriage Boot Camp.” The couple, who have already started shooting episodes, reportedly disagree about whether she should pack up her life in Atlanta and move to Los Angeles to be closer to Medina. Phaedra hasn’t had a regular TV gig since she got axed from the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” after season 9. ### DANIEL FRANZESE says it’s time to usher in a new season of celebrating bigger gay dudes. The “Mean Girls” actor dished to TMZ about his recent social media post of him diving into a pool. He captioned the shot, “Reclaiming my childhood spent wearing a shirt in the pool growing up in Florida. Not a giving a F**K what people think feels good.” Daniel told the outlet that the post was about body positivity and getting heavier-set gay men off the sidelines. ### Authorities in Miami and Pittsburgh say there is no record of ANTONIO BROWN’s accuser ever filing a criminal complaint with officers. BRITNEY TAYLOR, who claims the NFL superstar sexually assaulted her twice in Pittsburgh and raped her in Miami, said she had filed a report, but didn’t name Brown. While this doesn’t mean a crime didn’t happen, it just means Taylor didn’t go to the police before she filed a civil lawsuit in federal court Tuesday. ### Business is back to normal for KEVIN O’LEARY following his fatal boat crash. Sources close to the “Shark Tank” star said that Kevin has started filming new episodes of the hit show, with no one on set referencing the tragedy. MEANWHILE—Canadian officials are continuing their investigation into the crash and cops have been speaking to witnesses to determine what happened. It all comes down to one main issue: did the boat Kevin’s wife hit have its navigation lights on. ### One of the newest members of the “Saturday Night Live” cast is catching flak over racial slurs. A podcast from 2018 showing SHANE GILLIS hurling racial insults toward Asians has resurfaced and people are pissed off. In the clip, Shane and his co-host rip Chinatown architecture, residents, culture and food. At one point, he refers to noodles as “nooders” and uses a derogatory term for Asians. What makes it look even worse for NBC is that they hired their first Asian-American for the comedy show, alongside Shane. ### THE DAILY KARDASHOPUS TRISTAN THOMPSON was spotted at the same sushi joint as KIM KARDASHIAN-WEST and her pals. KHLOE KARDASHIAN’s ex, exchanged pleasantries with Kim and even sat down with her crew for a bit. Sources told TMZ that while Khloe and Tristan are not together, he is considered family because he is TRUE’s dad. ### KIM KARDASHIAN-WEST and KANYE WEST may be moving east. The beauty mogul dished on a potential move when she appeared on the “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” saying, “We love Wyoming.” Kanye recently bought a ranch there and Kim said his “dream and vision is to move there.” While Kim enjoys visiting the Equality State, she “loves L.A.” so she would be okay with summers and some weekends on the ranch. ### WE'LL NEVER BE ROYALS MEGHAN MARKLE sported some of her late mother-in-law PRINCESS DIANA’s jewelry–earrings and some bracelets–at the launch of her Smart Work’s capsule collection. The earrings were worn by Diana in 1986 when she and PRINCE CHARLES visited British Columbia during their tour of Canada and the bracelets were worn at a banquet Diana attended in 1989. Meg launched her charity clothing line on the roof terrace of the John Lewis department store where she spoke for almost seven minutes—without notes—on her latest project. The launch marked the royal’s first official engagement following her maternity leave. ### DAY OF THE YEAR Bald is Beautiful Day Blame Someone Else Day Fortune Cookie Day International Chocolate Day Kids Take Over The Kitchen Day National Defy Superstition Day International Skeptics Day National Celiac Awareness Day National Peanut Day Positive Thinking Day National Hug your Boss Day Roald Dahl Day Snack a Pickle Day Programmers’ Day Uncle Sam Day Supernatural Day Stand up to Cancer Day ### ON THIS DATE 1501 – Michelangelo starts chipping away on the massive block of marble that would become the statue of David. Church higher-ups in Florence owned a big block of rock, and were consulting sculptors and artists to find the right artisan to carve it into a statue of the biblical hero David. Other masters had taken a crack at it, including Donatello almost a hundred years earlier. Some shape had been given to the legs, and some form had been given to the body, but not much else. Michelangelo took another 3 years to finish. ### 1788 – With the new Constitution for their new country hammered out and approved, the Continental Congress decides to implement their plans. They pick the first Wednesday of the following January to be the nation’s first Election Day. Voters would be selecting electors who would vote for the president the following February. The new Congress would commence the following March. ### 1833 – The first-ever shipment of ice reaches India, creating a lucrative market for American entrepreneur Frederic Tudor. The ice had been cut from lakes near Massachussetts the previous winter, then stored in an insulated refrigerator. The large chunks were cut, in 2 to 3 cubic foot blocks for shipment. A special insulated hold was built inside the ship Clipper Tuscany for the voyage, which started with 180 tons of ice. When the ship arrived in Calcutta, only about 100 tons were left. Indians did not take to the first shipments right away. But soon word spread about ice cooling drinks, and sales took off. Tudor dominated the ice export market for more than 20 years. ### 1899 – The first American vehicular manslaughter is committed. Henry Bliss was walking across West 74th Street and Central Park West in New York City. A taxicab ran him over, crushing his head and chest. The cab driver was charged with manslaughter, but acquitted because it was unintentional. Bliss died the next morning. ### 1936 – 17-year-old pitcher Bob Feller strikes out 17 batters in a game, setting an American League record. Feller was also the first pitcher to win at least 20 games in one season before turning 21, and led the American League in strikeouts over seven seasons. Feller notably left professional baseball to fight in World War II. He pitched for the Cleveland Indians throughout his entire career. ### 1990 – Crime drama Law & Order debuts on NBC. The first episode was called “Prescription for Death.” George Dzundza played Sergeant Max Greevey, accompanied by Chris Noth playing Detective Mike Logan. ### 2004 – The Oprah Winfrey gives a free car to each member of her studio audience. The brand-new Pontiac G-6s were worth $28,500 a pop. Though the Great Woman was lauded for her beneficence, the stunt was actually bankrolled by Pontiac, hoping to build excitement for its new model of cars. Though the carmaker paid the winners’ state sales tax, people still had to pay about $6,000 in state and federal income taxes for the cars. ### BIRTHDAYS Zoey Burger – actress, “Every Witch Way” – 20 Lili Reinhart – actress, “Riverdale,” “The Kings of Summer,” “Hustlers” – 23 Robbie Kay – actor, “Once Upon A Time,” “Heroes Reborn” – 24 Niall Horan – pop singer – 26 Thomas Muller – soccer player – 30 James Bourne – pop singer – 36 JG Quintel – tv producer – 37 Ben Savage – actor, “Boy Meets World,” “Girl Meets World” – 39 Swizz – rapper – 41 Fiona Apple – rock singer – 42 Stella McCartney – fashion designer – 48 Tyler Perry – tv producer and director – 50 Michelle Duggar – reality star, “19 Kids and Counting,” “Counting On” – 53 Dave Mustaine – metal singer – 58 Born On This Date Roald Dahl – children’s author – 1916 (d. 1990) Milton S. Hershey – entrepreneur – 1857 (d. 1945) .

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